Q 1. How do I use the automated pizza vending machine?

A. It's terribly simple! Just like any other vending machine. On the interactive screen, first make your selection (the type of pizza you want), then input a token into the slot, and that's it. Watch as the machine bakes a pizza right before your eyes and delivers it to you in a box within four minutes!

Q 2. It's a machine! Is the pizza hygienic?

A. The machine is hermetically sealed. Which means every part involved in the pizza making process, including ingredient storage, is sealed off from dust or insects. You can see the entire process of baking, and that’s very reassuring. It's 100% hygienic!

Q 3. How fresh are the ingredients?

A. The ingredients are kept fresh in a cold storage inside the machine. They remain extremely fresh and are extracted only when required. The capacity is for 100 pizzas. And since this is sure to be very popular, fresh ingredients are going to be refilled all the time.

Q 4. It's machine-made. How healthy is it?

A. First of all, the ingredients remain farm fresh as they are immediately transferred from a cold chain into the cold storage inside the machine itself. Natural ingredients only. No processed food (not even the cheese is processed). No oil is used either. It’s a wholesome and health pizza. A real meal!

Q 5. I'm vegetarian! Will the same machine make non-veg pizzas too?

A. Not at all! Yess Pizza is a pure vegetarian product. We do not make non-veg pizzas.

Q 6. How many flavours are available?

A. Initially Yess Pizza comes in four flavours. But more will be introduced soon. In time, our menu will represent the most popular flavours, with constant additions.

Q 7. Where can I find a machine?

A. The machines are so compact (require just 32 sqft floor space), they can be installed anywhere. As the concept catches on, you will find a machine at malls, multiplexes, educational institutions, campuses, hospitals, clubs, resorts, airports, railway stations, bus terminals, etc. Anytime you're hungry, you can simply grab a pizza on the go. At present theseare locations where you can find a Yess Pizza machine.

Q 8. Will these machines have 'business hours'?

A. No! Since they do not require any manpower – and will be operated by the customers themselves – they will be in operation 24x7x365!